Phicademia – edu app project

It’s time to make something useful and helpful 🙂 I have always been interested in education and this is how I started programming 🙂 Once I gained some programming knowledge (there’s still plenty to learn) I decided to create some more serious project. And here it is, Phicademia – educational project for primary school pupils.
For now I want to make some exercises to practice multiplication tables and other mathematics 🙂 Setting and reading analog clock for younger pupils. Text tasks and more that I can’t think of at the moment 🙂 🙂
At the moment I ‘ll get an app on Play Store and once it become better and better I’ll make IOS. At the moment I have no experience in IOS at all.
I would need some good people to help me build tasks database to have a big variety of tasks depending on classroom selected.

Github repo for the project is:

Few days passed on and phicademia is working pretty good.
There is Multiplication Table task, Clock Set, Multiplication and division big numbers (with difficulty level option).
I created basic login / register functionality but leave it inactive for now as still not sure about the security (Actually I’m sure that my system is not safe 🙂
Text task is done, I have some tasks in database already (in Polish) and they appear on the screen based on the classroom selected so this is kind of a success 🙂 I tried to build for WebGL before but I can’t get database working with WebGL so I decided it was a time to switch to mobile. Most of the people are using mobiles or tablets anyway..
Networking, databases and PHP is something I’ve just started to learn so I’m pretty happy with the result. Yesterday I compiled first android version and uploaded it to Play Store, I’m still awaiting for the confirmation.

The core functionality is working pretty well. I grab data from MySQL database through PHP scripts. Now I’m working on 8th grade tasks as the 8th grade exam is comming soon. I teach math in the evening and I thought it would be a good addition to our math classes. When the app is opened you choose your class and based on it text tasks are pulled from database. Then, if images are needed, they are pulled from my web on the fly. I keep image reference in the database.
I’m still considering the theme for the app but I think I will stick to blue colour or maybe I’ll make them changable so that everybody can change color to his own preferences. At the moment I would like to focus on the functionality first.

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